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Find innovative products and services that help control infectious diseases within your care environment. 

New sterilisation and disinfection devices are being used with the goal to assure the complete absence of micro-organisms and disease-causing bacteria.

In order to receive safe and effective care, care home staff will need training to ensure that infection prevention and control is part of everyday practice.

Independent assessments can highlight areas where infection control policies and procedures can be improved and updated to the benefit of residents and carers.

Every country within the UK have their own official regulatory body for care services, for example in England it’s the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Contact tracing means testing people for viral infection, tracking the spread of the virus and then tracing the people an infected person has come into contact with.

Reliable and accessible testing to screen for possible infection symptoms is of paramount importance in the elderly care setting.

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Cleaning agents specific to killing bacteria and killing known viruses on floors and other contact surfaces.

Air quality is an essential component of infection control within care homes and can be improved with cleaning and filtration systems.

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Technology which can help identify and screen for viral infection and monitor symptoms.

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