Germi LED

Ultraviolet Room Steriliser

Safe guard your health and the health of others

Safe guarding your health and the health of others is extremely important and even more so in this day and age.

The care sector environment has to maintain a level of cleanliness and in return, installs confidence not only for the staff and residents who work and live in the homes but also to the families who’s relatives reside there.

The GERMILED Lamp uses UVC light to assist in cleaning and will become part of your cleaning and sterilisation process.
UVC light is widely used in sterilisation technology.

The germicidal bulb used in our product emits radiation at 253.7nm.

Room Steriliser



It is impossible and time consuming to clean all surfaces with disinfectant, but with the GERMILED lamp the ultraviolet light technology is able to kill bacteria,
viruses and fungal spores without the use of any further chemicals.

The lamp is powerful and deep cleansing and due to the design can omit the UVC light and disinfect a room at 360 degrees, eliminating 99.9%* of moulds,
pathogens, spores etc.

Position the GERMILED lamp in a room, turn the lamp on via the switch located on the flex, then set the timing option on the hand held remote control and leave the room.

Place the caution hanger on the outside door handle to warn others the room is in the process of being sterilised.  UVC light is harmful to the eyes and skin so make sure there is no person, pet or plant in a room that is being sterilised.

HOWEVER, there is a motion sensor located on the lamps base and this needs to be positioned towards the door so if anyone enters the room the lamp will turn off. When it
detects no movement, it will resume the sterilisation.

Timer settings:

  • 60 minutes – 38 cubic metre room
  • 30 minutes – 19 cubic metre room
  • 15 minutes – 9.5 cubic metre room

The GERMLED can be purchased on line at our dedicated web site –

The lamp costs £75.50 + vat (£90.60). It comes with full operating and care instructions, door handle warning hanger and window sticker.
Postage is £12.50 per lamp

If you require further information, scientific studies, reports and full certifications do please get in contact –

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