Meiko washer-disinfectors

Cleaning and disinfection technology

MEIKO is on hand to get care utensils reliably and hygienically clean

When it comes to washer-disinfectors, MEIKO offers all-round solutions that tick all the boxes. Human excreta such as urine, faeces, sputum and vomit contain copious quantities of infectious material – yet many people fail to take into account the risks involved in disposing of them. Fortunately, MEIKO is on hand to get care utensils reliably and hygienically clean. The company’s cleaning and disinfection appliances meet the recommendations issued by the Commission for Hospital Hygiene and Infectious Disease Prevention (KRINKO) at the Robert Koch Institute and the German Society of Hospital Hygiene (DGKH), as well as many other international standards. 

Key Advantages:

  • Ideal handling with the ‘One Touch’ operating concept with large membrane keypad and clear symbols
  • Hygienic safety due to value A0 control system to DIN EN ISO 15883
  • Very economical thanks to reduced use of operating resources
  • Short, individually adjustable and effective programme cycles
  • Maximum flexibility due to multifunctional utensil holder concept
  • Patented steam-proof cleaning and disinfection system
  • Thorough cleaning with power nozzle system
  • Electronic control system with diverse cleaning programmes
  • Hygiene assurance using thermal disinfection
  • Many ways to use thanks to real-world focused options and extensive accessory range

Packed with powerful technology, these MEIKO washer-disinfectors aim to eliminate the risk of infections stemming from hospital dirty utility rooms.

TopLine – combined sluice units

These compact bedpan washer-disinfectors fit neatly under a work surface, leaving plenty of space on top. That makes people’s daily work easier and more efficient.

TOPIC Bedpan Washer

The smart yet compact solution for dirty utility rooms – the machine of choice for care homes and nursing facilities. TOPIC washer-disinfectors benefit patients by allowing staff members to focus on care instead of cleaning chores.

TopClean 60

Safe, hygienic and economical, the TopClean 60 multi-washer gets just about anything clean, from washbowls and operating theatre boots to children’s toys.

For more information please contact:

MEIKO Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG · Englerstr. 3 · 77652 Offenburg, Germany
Phone +49 781 203-0 · Fax +49 781 203-1179 ·

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