TRST Framework

Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Preparedness Audit

TRST stands for The Responsive and Safe Treatment framework and has been set up to provide independent infection prevention control audits.

An assessment based on the TRST framework will help care home providers and their management teams ensure the preparedness of their care home should any infectious outbreak ever occur.

It will help them focus on infection prevention and control and assess their compliance against the Department of Health Code of Practice and the Health and Social Care Act 2008.

The TRST framework covers Management, Staffing, Environment and Safe Care and Treatment – four areas that are fundamental to the management 

of infection prevention and control and pandemic preparedness in any care home.

Depending on the local authority concerned, audits may be funded as part of the Government’s Infection Control Grant.

For more information on how to book an IPC Preparedness audit through the TRST network click here.

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