Protecting More, Costing Less

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Being in control of protecting all against germs and viruses 

Setting standards of quality for the safety of staff, residents and visitors across your Care Homes is pivotal and a responsibility however ensuring this is done in the most efficient and cost effective way can be challenging which is where Safe Touch really allows that much needed layer of additional protection on all touch-points.

All of the Safe Touch Veraco products are utilised across the NHS and have become a preferred and approved supplier of Antimicrobial touchpoints. To become an approved supplier of the NHS allows confidence due to the ongoing testing of the products to ensure they continue to offer significant ongoing protection. Please see just a few images of a small amount of the products in use.


All of the products are easy to install.

They are designed to be fitted too hard, smooth surfaces such as plastic, metal, glass, wood etc and they can be removed with no residue. The self adhesive backing is engineered to provide the strength required to ensure the longevity of each product.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Our products are compatible with any cleaning protocols and resistant to most chemical agents, alcohol, diluted acids, etc

The products can be cleaned/disinfected by all conventional cleaning methods, using non-abrasive accessories, cleaning products, detergents or products currently used in healthcare environments.

There is also no decrease in the efficiency after 365 cleaning operations with water, ethanol, bleach or “ANIOSURF”

For best results, simply clean as often as pre Covid using warm water, a soft detergent and a cotton cloth. The proven reduction in costs in comparison to regular cleaning during since Covid has been significant therefore allowing more protecting and costing less.

The products offer:

  • Substantial reduction in cleaning costs while maintaining an enhanced hygiene regime
  • Substantial reduction in the use of harmful and expensive cleaning fluids by venue cleaning and maintenance teams in-house or contracted
  • Substantial reduction in cleaning time ensuring the janitorial team can keep all the touch-points in each Care Home clean at all times

Please see a case study below for a single major bank building demonstrating the cost effectiveness.

Existing Cleaning Case Study 

Client : CBRE
Building Classification 
: Five storey commercial property occupied by an international bank.

Bank property covered five floors including a banking hall

The bank implemented the installation of the products as part of their own ‘Back to Work’ policy. Put in place by the bank as part of their health and safety directive, its primary function is to make staff feel safe at work and to reinforce the message that the bank takes the health and safety of their employees seriously and cares about the wellbeing of staff in the workplace.

The above policy by the bank is now becoming commonplace in the UK, as it is seen as imperative that workspaces are perceived by staff as being safe places to work and that their employers care about them and demonstrating responsibility above government guidelines. This message was the main driver for Canary Wharf installing our Safe plates throughout its head office – they wanted employees to feel safe at work.

Fitting our Safe Pad products led to a substantial reduction in cleaning and hygiene costs throughout the building – this was primarily down to the fact the bank no longer had to pay for additional staff to clean all the touch-point’s throughout the building every 20/30 minutes, 5 days a week. In the Bank’s case, we were able to calculate that the installation of the Safe Pads and Wraps resulted in the bank saving £298.00 a day in additional cleaning staff wages and material costs. This equated to £6,854.00 per month (23 working days) and annually this resulted in an overall annual cost saving of £82,848.00.

While the above message is one we have actively used to market and sell its products to customers like Deutsche Bank and Canary Wharf, we are also reinforcing the message that installing Safe Pads and Wraps substantially reduces cleaning and maintenance costs.

Once the customer installs our pads and wraps they no longer must clean the surfaces every 20 or 30 minutes and can return to normal (pre- pandemic) cleaning regimes IE (once a day). The banks decision to install £6,600.00 (six thousand six hundred worth of Safe Pad products in their building saved the bank £76,248.00 in additional janitorial costs per annum, a substantial saving.

We can protect all door pushes, handles, rails, toilet areas, buttons (from lifts to light switches), table tops, the list goes on. All of the products can be clear, yellow (to demonstrate protected areas) or branded as demonstrated in image below.

Durability & Lifespan

All of the products are manufactured in the UK and ISO certified in accordance with ISO 22196:2011 – International standard of evaluating the antibacterial activity of antibacterial-treated plastics and 21702:2019 – International standard of evaluating the antiviral activity of antiviral-treated plastics. All products are fully recyclable. When stored in its original packaging:

Protection against germs and viruses:

  • Initially: > 99.99%
  • After 4 years > 99.97%
  • After 6 years > 99.8%

The average lifespan of correctly installed and cleaned products is usage dependant

  • Extremely high usage – 9 to 12 months
  • Moderate usage – 12 to 18 months
  • Low usage – 18 to 24 months

To gain some samples or any additional information or technical data including swab testing, please contact – or or telephone: 07368 375358. You can also visit our website